Sunday, December 19, 2010

Woah a whole month

Woah! Don't you just hate it when you get caught doing things and it just snowball effects into a bigger thing that you can't get out of then suddenly a month goes by...
Yea well anyway new games to talk about. Yugioh 5DS from the xbox live arcade
Left 4 Dead 2 from steam
And black ops :D

Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Vegas: Review

Over the past....(counts fingers)...couple days I have been stabbing, hammering, and lasering my way to the top in New Vegas in over 20 hours that I spent on it getting to the end. Unfortunately the game stops after the last mission which disappointed me as I still had over 3/4 of the wasteland to explore.
So in that time of playing this game is about a ton of different factions, gangs, and organizations fighting for control of the Mojave desert. Some of these groups include The Brotherhood of Steel, New California Republic, Caesars Legion, and many, many more.
Being the type of person I am I put all my skill points onto speech, lock-picking, and science. A bad idea for the beginning parts as everything easily killed me because all my guns did crap damage. BUT I could negotiate my way out of anything, get into any building, and hack any terminal to get robots on my side.
Overall the game itself feels A LOT like fallout 3, which is fucking awesome. With new features like gun mods, special ammo, better workbenches, cooking, and using old energy cells to make new ones is amazing. This game has a hardcore mode if you want to feel like a real survivor too, requiring you too sleep, eat, and drink. Also it makes guns decay faster, jam a lot more(well for me anyway xD), and stimpacks heal over a period of time, so you can't just rush kill 4 soldiers, heal, and kill the rest.
But alas this game does have some bad points. One is that I seemed to get stuck a lot, like between some piece of the scenery and a wall. For instance I was running along the side of a fence jumped on a rock fell to the other side and got stuck between the rock and the corner of the fence....forcing to fast travel (If there was no baddies around). The loading screens seemed to take forever, on one instant took 3 minutes to load a casino building.
All and all this game is pretty fucking awesome and I would recomend it to anyone who loves FPSRPG games.
So if you are wondering if you should Buy, Rent, Or ignore this game
PS: Playclaw doesn't seem to want to work to record this game :/ sorry.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What happened to monday?

"THQ is tired of being the cute underdog in game development. Coordinating with the opening of a huge Montreal studio intended to hold 400 developers, the publisher also boasted about signing one of the industry’s most talented creative directors – Patrice D├ęsilets."
So THQ hired this guy brilliant idea since he was the creative director behind the Assassins Creed games. They just may have found some gold sitting around.'
For all those who really want to read the article go here