Thursday, October 14, 2010

Guy Bashes EA Before Being fired

Woah, this guy is getting fired by EA, he spoils so juicy secrets and explains why EA sucks pretty much...and may or may not tell us about some games unannounced that are to be released.
Well anyway you can read the story here
"Oh yeah, and he needed Paul Barnett. You know him as the crazy British dude that appears in random videos at EA to promote his latest bullshittery. We know him as the crazy British dude who we have no idea of how he still has a job. This man was supposed to be the savior of Warhammer’s vision and design. Now all he can do is promote his strange ideas about his little secret project web Ultima game that’s been almost universally criticized by all of us and focus groups. What’s that? You didn”t know Paul loves one of those old Ultima games sooooo much he’s making a literal copy of it for Facebook? Well, the cats outta the bag. Too bad it sucks ass."


  1. I like the idea of Ultima on FB. I played that game when i was a kid

  2. Damn, he's going out fighting. That's awesome haha